I Hope You Hear This

by The Wet Bandits

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released May 5, 2017

Dylan Ramstead - vocals, guitar
David Huzyk - vocals, guitar
Derek Twigger - drums
Trent White - bass, back-up vocals
Bill Morton - bass, back-up vocals

Produced by The Wet Bandits
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Cameron Kennedy @ Spiltered Wood Studios



all rights reserved


The Wet Bandits Toronto, Ontario

All the great ones leave their mark.
We're The Wet Bandits.


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Track Name: Driveway
I called up and asked her
If she remembered hanging out
On her driveway
21 and a radio

Where we would argue
I hated the music that she owned
Except the Marshall Mathers LP
And The Mark, Tom, and Travis show

We should hang out again
I’ll meet you at your front door
Unlike your douchebag boyfriend
He pulls up and just honks his car horn
I am a gentleman but the nice guys finish last
In real life the monsters win so I’ll just keep on living in the past

Let me ask you a question
When did you give up on your dreams?
So young, so passionate
I still wave when your parents drive by me

We go way back- got history
I wonder who you grew up to be
You thought that I let you win
Truth is you were better than me

I miss when we would stay out
Until the streetlights came to life
How do you spend your time now?
Where do you spend you nights?

Your Super Nintendo
Outlived mine by seven years
Our favourite level
To this day I still can’t clear
Track Name: Electric Conversations
Well I'm just waiting for this little blue bird
To bring bring bring me your word
And if I expected anything, well,
That would would be so absurd

Binary ones and zeros carry
All the combinations that may make you want to see me
I'm just waiting for the day that you turn 3-D (cause)

I'm growing tired of these electric conversations
And this hollow stimulation
Yes these electric conversations
Don't cut it, don't cut it,
For me anymore

Well I know that you are one in a million
Hope I'm I'm one in a grand
And I don't know why I thought you'd be impressed
Cause I play play in a band

I'm afraid you're just a fantasy
Really a costumed nightmare, posing as my dream
Falsely satisfied, but really wearing on me (because)
Track Name: King Of Bad Timing
I only want what I can’t have
The answer to a question that I don’t know how to ask
And I have run all of my excuses into the ground, so sorry
But I’m only at my best when there's no one around

And I don’t know why I’m still trying to get it right
Crown me the king of bad timing - The fuse will not ignite
So I can’t get it off the ground, I had such bright and
Starry eyes, but the world has dimmed them down
So put my life on hold for yet another season
We're doing this for the wrong reasons

While all the years have rolled past us
All of my plans for the future have begun to rust, and fade away
Like a dream that slips out of memory the moment you wake up
Did last night really happen? I should learn to hold my tongue

When do we give up - When do we give up
And call it quits
We’re holding on- We’re holding on
By just our finger tips
We’re holding on - Keep holding on
Track Name: Rusty Chances
I wrote you a song
But I doubt you'll ever hear it
I hope it's not wrong
That I'm smitten by your spirit

'Cause all I have are these six strings
I'll play them 'til they rust,
I'll make them sing
And with a stroke of luck one of these stray notes
Will battle through the air,
And float right on to you
And stick to you like glue

I took you this picture
But I doubt you'll ever see it
And you're getting sicker
And there's no way I can fix it

'Cause all I have are these six strings
I'll play them 'til they rust,
I'll make them sing
But they won't make the cold, cold go away
Oh yes I'm sorry to see that you've lost your productive days
I wish that you could play

I would take you skating
Yah, we'd go round in circles
And there's no need waiting for coffee
My hands would keep yours thermal

And if liking you's against the law
I hope I'm out on parole before the ice starts to thaw
I'd take whatever path that you would choose
I'll drive that rainbow road
Whatever it takes to get to you

You're a newfound clarity
You're my newfound clarity

And all I have are these six strings
I'll play them 'til they rust,
I'll make them sing
I'll play them all night long 'til the morning dew
I'll cherish every note
Oh how I wish that they were you

I wrote you this song
But I doubt you'll ever hear it
Track Name: Look Around
I couldn’t tell you the last time
That the sun was in my eyes
Close the curtains, shut the blinds
Lock the doors I hide behind
Out of body, out of mind
I can now bend space and time
Oh dear god I made things worse
Tore a hole in the universe

Help now
Too scared to let my-
Self out
I’m losing track of all of my days

Take a look around
Take a look around
Watch it all come crashing down
Do you feel it now?
I feel nothing now
Do I live here, or just haunt this house?

I couldn’t tell you the last time
A clear went through my mind
I may be drunk but I’m not blind
These bloodshot eyes are open wide
Watch my neighbors come and go
What’s my name? Nobody knows
I miss the fresh air in my lungs
Basement apartment, dust, and drugs

I will
Keep poisoning
I'm so convinced it’s just what I need.

Melt my brain with good intentions
I am testing the limits of my body tonight
Collapse foundation
And bury me alive
Track Name: My Heroes Come In Small Packages
Apparently we're all just a dying breed
What we want is not what we really need
Bypassing logic, with a drive to succeed
Making more sacrifices than victories
It's a struggle, but we're going at it differently
(Hey hey!) it's worth all the memories

And my heroes come to me
Inside of small packages
My heroes come to me in the strangest of places that I can't even dream

Don't worry about getting close to the flame
Executing all objectives with perfect aim
A blaze of glory, now you're leading the way
You've gone away
You've gone away
Chasing down your dreams, and now
Kicking up the dust at full steam

My commentator
My caned crusader
Helped me realize that success is not measured in another's eyes
My crusty waiter
My straight edge raver
They say you should never meet your idols,
But my idols are all of my peers

You found a way
We found a way

And my heroes come to me
Inside of small packages
My heroes comfort me with all their different faces
Cause I can always see them smiling
My heroes come to me in the strangest of places that I can't even dream
Track Name: Werewolves
Well I'm pale and awkward
Skinny tall
I play guitar not sports
And I'm ignored by girls
All summer long
Cause I don't look good in shorts

My actions contradict
All of my well thought out plans
And now for my next trick
Watch me closely while I spill my guts all over

The Stage
Scream away all my rage
'Til I begin to choke
I can do this alone
I’ll wear
all my flaws like
So give me your best shot
I am who I am - I’ll do the best with what I’ve got

I know I've got this
Whiny voice, but still
I stand here singing songs
I want to be like Kurt Cobain,
But I sound like Tom Delonge

And my friends look like werewolves
And I shave once a month
And I don’t know when to be careful
Or when I should shut up and just roll with the

Can’t do many crunches
But I can make you laugh
Harder than he can
I’ll wear
all my flaws like
So give me your best shot
I am who I am - I’ll do the best with what I’ve got

Think fast - I am starting to unravel
Like glass - My brittle bones are so damn fragile
I am not invincible
A little too emotional
And I can’t commit - I can’t control
And I depend on alcohol
I won’t pretend from now on
I'll wear my heart on

My sleeve
For everybody
To see
I’ve got nothing to hide
I’ve laid it all out on the line
I’ll wear
All my flaws like
So give me your best shot
I am who I am - I do the best with what I’ve got